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RVT-Historique welcomes you on board their preserved electric railcar


Regular  trains  ( 4 Mai;  8 June  2024)


Chartered trains


Special Offer "One day to discover the Neuchâtel Jura"

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Treat yourself to a change of scenery thanks to a breathtaking tour of the three-lake region Biel, Morat, Yverdon or up and down the Val de Travers, nicknamed 'Fairyland'.

  Take a sip of  'La Fée Verte' or Green Fairy, the local pride. This magic spirit was banned for decades but is now back thanks to a carefully preserved knowhow.
Here the railway line is a challenge to a daunting nature. Curves, tunnels, bridges and viaducts succeed one another. The line even defies the Areuse Gorge to gain access to the forested upper Travers Valley.

For more on this line, click  here   (in French or German).
  Regular  trains

Some tours are open to all passengers at weekends throughout the holiday season.

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  Passengers normally travel on board a preserved ABDe 2/4 electric railcar introduced in 1945 and christened 'L'Etincelante'  –  for more details, please, click  here
  Passengers can enjoy the driver's view, share the guard's experience of this historic line and refresh themselves at the bar inside the refurbished guard compartment.

There's a tiny 1st class compartment complete with plush seats and a large open 2nd class lounge.

A steam train ride plus lunch plus access to principal monuments or places of interest are included in our special fares.

  Chartered trains
  Our trains can be chartered all the year round. To cope with large parties our  buffet car  can be coupled to l'Etincelante. It can cater for up to 50 guests from a simple drink or breakfast party to a family gatherring.
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  L'Etincelante is electrically powered. Power is collected from the overhead catenary system.
The  Be 4/4 Bobo  from the TRN motive power fleet has also been preserved.

  On the short non-energized track portion between Fleurier and St Sulpice our  bimodal shunter Tem 292  provides motive power. See photograh and details  here
In this age of High Speed Trains our Etincelante goes at a leisurely pace. It stops at beauty spots so that our guests can enjoy the scenery and have ample time to take whatever pictures they want.  

We are looking forward to seeing you on board our historic trains whether you travel individually or as a party.

Inquiries welcome.

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