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Le Val-de-Travers welcomes you ! It’s a land of contrasts and legends. A land where the Green Fairy still haunts local souls …

Le Val-de-Travers is part of Watch Valley where Swiss watches of fame are manufactured.

It’s located approximately halfway between Pontarlier, a picturesque French town on the other side of the border and lake Neuchâtel. It’s in the heartland of the Swiss Jura, surrounded with 5,300-ft-high montains.

The Valley offers a wealth of interests, secret gorges and unique beauty spots.

Nature lovers will enthuse on our mountainous and forested landscapes, leaping streams and amazing, unspoilts widerness.


Treat yourself to a walk across Fairy Land and to its subtle sounds, smells and nuances.


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Neuchâtel - Bôle - The railway line overlooks the vineyard-planted shores
   of Lake Neuchâtel with the snow-crowned Alps in the
Bôle - Noiraigue - This is the most breathtaking stretch of the line in the
   depth of the Areuse
Gorge with the leaping waters of
   the stream boiling furiously 800 ft below
 Champ-du-Moulin - A tiny station located in a recess of the Areuse-Gorge.
   Superb view on to the Creux-du-Van, a spectacular
   stone cirque. Visit the nearby Nature Centre
Noiraigue - Most footpaths and bicycle tours originate from the
Tichodrome Via Ferrata nearby
 Travers - Banderette Museum.
Ideal starting point for walkers and mountain bikers
La Presta (Travers) - Guided tour of former asphalt mines.
- Taste the local recipe of asphalt-baked gammon at the
Visit the industrial museum.
Couvet - Explore the fascinating “gardened” forests of l’Endroit
  and l’Envers !

- Sports grounds with indoor swimming pool nearby
Môtiers  Visit the historic village where romantic writer Jean-
  Jacques Rousseau sought shelter for a while.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau Museum.

Visit the local Mauler wine storehouses and taste their
  genuine sparkling wine.

Môtiers is also renown for l’absinthe, the strong local
  spirit. You can visit the Musée de l’Absinthe, a distillery
  and walk as far as the absinthe drying facility at

Water falls, caves and a castle are also worth visiting.
Fleurier - The ideal starting point for a walk up to “Le Chapeau de
   Napoleon” beauty spot. From there you’ll enjoy a
   panoramic view over the valley.

From Fleurier horseback rides can be arranged. Horse-
  drawn carriages can be hired.
St-Sulpice -  Home of the local preserved VVT steam train.
Areuse spings Museum and Areuse Mill.
 Buttes - Robella ski-lift facility

Giant “Feeline” scenic railway with magic, exhilarating
  900 yards-rollercoaster dive

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