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''L'Etincelante'' ABDe 2/4 - former ABFe 2/4

Electro-diesel shunter Tem II - former CFF 292


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Our railcar is currently stabled in the loco shed we hire at Fleurier.
It is located at the western end of Fleurier station.
The large, well-lit building is ideal to carry out maintenance and refurbishment work

''L'Etincelante'' ABDe 2/4 - former ABFe 2/4

 Our primary target is to preserve in working order one of the two  electric railcars that were introduced in 1944/1945 when the RVT line between Travers and Fleurier / St Sulpice was electrified.

To provide our passengers with adequate and safe transportation various operations have been planned - some are already in progress:

- body work repairs, replacement of rusted pannels,
- fitting of a bar counter inside the brake compartment,
- fresh coat of paint based on original livery,
- fitting of adequate electrical apparatus to power a fridge plus coffee machine and public
  address system - information about the railway line and its environment will be available in
  several languages over the system.
  Some might think that only a bunch of ageing railway buffs are concerned with railway preservation. This is not so. Several younger enthusiasts have joined our workforce lately and we value their contribution highly.

Technical data

 Max speed    44 mph
 Seats    59  (51 in 2nd class; 8 in 1st class)
 Horse power    560CV = 412Kw
 Tractive effort:    208 Kw
 Can haul up to :
 - St-Sulpice/Buttes - Travers  (16 ‰)
 - Neuchâtel - Travers - Les Verrières (22 ‰)
- 140t (three trailers !)
-   70t (two trailers !)
 Overall length    21 metres
 Weight (weight of electrical equipment : 10t)    40 t
 Handbrake    2 X 7 tons + 4 brake shoes 

Manufacturers :
- of mechanical equipments : SWS
(Fabrique suisse de wagons, Schlieren)
- of electrical equipments : BBC (Brown Boveri AG - Baden)

Traction motors : 2

Driving wheel diameter: 940mm - 37,6 inches

Gear ratio : 1:5,19

Horse power : 280

Current : 15,000 Volts A.C. 2/3 Hz from overhead equipment

  Introduced : 1944

Last commercial working before preservation : December 2004

Electro-diesel shunter Tem II - former CFF 292

Electro-diesel shunter Tem II - former CFF 292- is mainly used on shunting duties at our Fleurier shed where the track is not wired.

It can also haul our railcar down the St Sulpice branch of the line which is deprived of overhead catenary equipment.

Technical data

Max speed   37 m.p.h.
Power under the wires   160 hp / 118 Kw
Power - diesel    85 hp / 62 kw
Weight   26 t
Overall length   6,7 m
Distance between the two axles   2.80 m
Driving wheel diameter   950 mm
Brakes   Ra Ah N
Fuel tank   120l (approximately 27 GB.gallons)
Nber of traction motors   1
First introduced   1967
Manufacturers   Tuchschmid , SLM, MFO, Saurer

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